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HYPNOTHERAPY COURSES IN VANCOUVER BC - hypnotherapy certifications



When you complete training with us, you develop skills in understanding how to remedy various issues and how best to affect positive change in challenging situations with a variety of different subjects. You learn how to manage a hypnotherapy practice, how to market your business effectively and also to improve your general communication skills.

​These skills are particularly useful if your intended occupation is within the healthcare industry, but also provides a very advantageous foundation if you intend to progress onto further studies.
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Many NGH graduates go on to become professional self-employed hypnotherapists, others are employed by various institutions, or as professional hypnotherapists within their own chosen industry.  


Hypnotherapy Course Structure



 Teaching is provided in a supportive fun classroom environment. Each tuition day will include theoretical lectures, presentations and discussions, together with practical demonstrations, group activities and practice of techniques taught. 

​You can expect 7 full fun days of training.

The Professional Hypnosis Certification Course offered by International Healing Clinic is packed with the very methods practised by Mental Health Practitioners and Hypnotherapists and delivered in a supportive and immersive way.

You learn and experience hypnosis, trance and therapeutic hypnotic techniques that allow you to work with your own clients, the day you graduate.

This course is taught by an NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Master Hypnotist.
​He teaches you step-by-step in the actual techniques he uses in his own, successful practice. Fully Accredited Hypnotherapy Courses in Vancouver,Hypnotherapy Courses in Vancouver,Hypnotherapy Training,hypnosis,

This Professional Hypnosis Certification Course meets all of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) exam requirements and includes the NGH exam, certification and your first year membership.

  • We are Officially Recognized: Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Certified post-secondary Education Institution

We are Qualified:

This course provides you with the qualifications required by the new Canadian Health Practitioner's Act (1991) Last Amendment 2014 - Section 27, sub 14 regarding Mental Health Practitioners, to practice as Hypnotist in the province of BC.
​Cost: $2,000. Canadian Dollars.

It is very difficult for some of you  to take time off work through the work week, and for this reason we are also offering this course over 5 weekends of Saturdays and Sundays with one extra work day on a Saturday. This is to accommodate those folks who have tight schedule. 

Become NGH Certified in record time.

HYPNOTHERAPY COURSE IN VANCOUVER BC hypnotherapy certifications

Become NGH Certified


 In only 7 days you can earn the OFFICIAL and world-recognized certification as an NGH "Certified Consulting Hypnotist" (CH)

This course is thorough, dynamic and content rich. Bring a notepad and your favorite pen to get the most from the bonus lectures.

Course Benefits


Hypnotherapy Certifications , specialty school NGH Faculty Instructor, Fastest Official NGH Course available in Canada in a fun, relaxed learning environment.

Included in your Training Course


 OFFICIAL NGH Certification Legal Certification
Tuition is tax deductible (official Canadian tax receipt issued)
All the Hypnosis Certification Material
All the Course Required Training Hours Hypnosis Certification Exa

FULL YEAR NGH membership




You will be certified to setup your business as a hypnotist and provide 
hypnosis services that include:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight control
  • Stress management
  • Self esteem
  • Personal Development and goal setting (Coaching!)
  • Self-Hypnosis Instructor
  • Guided Imagery

                                       and more...

You will learn custom and personalized client assessment and script writing for client presented issues!
Included in our course, you will learn to teach classes for: smoking cessation, weight loss, relaxation, etc.
This course includes also all the credentials to be a CERTIFIED SELF-HYPNOSIS INSTRUCTOR upon graduation. 



My classes are much more like a workshop. I  provides private one on one instruction classes customized to suit your needs, In a peaceful, relaxed, environment setting where learning is easy and fun.  I also provide classes to a maximum of 5 seats per class.  ( hypnotherapy certifications - hypnotherapy courses - how to hypnotize someone)



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