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 This Hypnosis Certification Course blends theory with practical applications, to give students a sound foundation of knowledge on which to build their skills.  The course is Certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, the oldest hypnosis organization (established 1951) in the world. A growing number of members also have academic qualifications in fields such as doctors, surgeons, medicine, nursing, dentistry, psychology and counseling. 

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Hypnotherapy Certifications- How long is the course and where is it taught?

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

Hypnotherapy Course in Vancouver BC

The weekly and fast-track course is taught in the province of British Colombia and in other Canadian provinces. In addition, the course is available in Europe and internationally.

 Fast-track course: 7 days  \ Or part time in the evenings from 6:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

It is very difficult for some of you  to take time off work through the work week, and for this reason we are also offering this course over 5 weekends of Saturdays and Sundays with one extra work day on a Saturday.
​This is to accommodate those folks who have tight schedule. 

What will you learn?

  • Theoretical foundations and perspectives
  • Historical and contemporary theoretical perspectives, transpersonal perspectives, psychology, process, counselling skills, the mind, the mind/ body connection, ethics, Bill of Rights, session structure, record keeping​ 
  • Client intake
  • Factors influencing induction
  • Case history taking, contra-indications,  BASICS assessment, goal setting and GIFT technique, informed consent
  • Preliminary suggestibility tests and warm-up exercises
  • Creating the hypnotic state
  • How to hypnotise, inductions (rapid, authoritarian, permissive, tactile, confusional), deepening the state, distraction management, trance depth assessment, awakening and re-alerting
  • Working in the hypnotic state
  • Symptom management (including stress, weight, pain, smoking cessation, anger, assertiveness, phobias)
  • Using suggestions, truisms, questions and negatives
  •  Ego strengthening techniques
  •  Hypnotherapeutic techniques
  • Behavioural: anchoring; breathing; direct suggestions
  •  Analytical: parts; dissociation; stage dissociation; ego state; IMR techniques; dreams; automatic writing; the mask; wise old person)
  •  Regression: free floating; specific; past life
  •  Pseudo orientation in time: free floating; specific
  • Ericksonian: language patterns; metaphors
  • Teaching self-hypnosis
  • Practice management and marketing
  • Your practice, insurance, marketing, running hypnosis courses

Hypnotherapy Course

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

How will you learn?

 Each tuition day will include theoretical lectures, presentations and discussions, together with practical demonstrations, group activities and practice of techniques taught.  The course handbooks will be supplemented by additional materials, according to the topics being covered.  In addition to ‘class’ time, students are required to complete self-directed and directed study and assignments.  Students are also advised to practice self-hypnosis daily and keep a reflective journal.  

How is your learning assessed?

There are a range of theoretical assignments, drawing on literature and current research and your application of taught materials in a business approach. There will also be ongoing assessment and feedback of your practical skill development. 

Is there a final exam?

Yes. There will be a revision and exam preparation session and on day seven
there will be a written ‘short answer’ question paper, a case history paper
and a practical demonstration of skills.  You will be given your results at the end
​of the day, prior to the awards of certificates. 

Do you qualify for membership of professional associations?

Yes. On successful completion of the course you will be provided with your first years’ International membership of the National Guild of Hypnotists. You will also be eligible to join a range of others  professional bodies and associations, such as the British Institute of Hypnotherapy (BIH) and the General Hypnotherapy Register (GHR). Membership of appropriate organisations, such as the BIH and the GHR, will enable you to apply for registration with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Is there ongoing support and development available after qualification?

 Yes.  All present and past students are able to access telephone and email support.

All practitioners are advised to develop a programme of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), to ensure that they keep up to date with the latest developments in the hypnosis and hypnotherapy world and to expand their knowledge, understanding and skills.

As well as external courses, you will be able to attend any relevant Alterjective Institute master classes and workshops as part of your continuous professional development. 

Do you need any qualifications or qualities to train?

No previous experience of hypnosis or hypnotherapy is required.  You will need a good understanding of written and spoken English . 

Hypnotherapy Course

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

What is the minimum age to attend training?

You will need to have Reached the age of majority prior to the exam date.  You will need to be sufficiently emotionally mature to be able to work with clients and listen to a broad range of topics including sexual problems, trauma, phobias, stress, chronic conditions and terminal illness. 

What medical conditions would exclude you from the course?

Please make contact with us if you have experienced or currently experience any of the following conditions:

  • Any psychological, psychiatric, physical or neurological disorder, including: psychosis; depression; panic attacks;
    bi-polar disorder; Severe visual/auditory impairment; If you are using medication which may impair your concentration;
    or epilepsy.
  • If you are fitted with a pacemaker.
  • If you are currently experiencing undiagnosed pain.

Fitness to Practice Declaration: You are asked upon booking to declare you are Fit to Practice. If at any point you are no longer deemed (by us) Fit to Practice, we reserve the right to withdraw you from the course – a proportional refund may be given.

Do we support learners with learning differences such as dyslexia?

Yes. The NGH course materials are supplied in ring-bound folders with black ink on white paper in a sans-serif font.  DVD’s and CD’s are also supplied in the course material. 

What qualification do you receive?

You will be able to choose from: Certified Hypnotist; Certified Hypnotherapist; Certified Consulting Hypnotist and use the letters C.H. after your name. 

Who are the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH)?

The NGH are oldest hypnotherapy body and certifying body in the world.  

What is the fee?

The total course fee is just $2,000 (all training materials included). 

Hypnotherapy Course

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

What does the course fee include?

•        7 days tuition

•        Ongoing support and guidance through the course and post-qualification

•        Two NGH training manuals

•        NGH script and induction cards

•        Marketing manual, CD and DVDs

  • Certificate
  • ​1 year membership
  •  Membership certificate
  • Journal of Hypnotism subscription
  •  Hypno-Gram subscription
  • Member rates at international conferences (February and August)
  •   Access to NGH video rental library

How do you pay?

Full payment is structured as follows:


•        $500 deposit at time of booking to reserve your seat

​•        $1,500  PAY OFF YOUR REMAINING BALANCE : 7 days before the class start

•        2,000  by direct   (Call us at 604 202 7938)

 A payment-plan is available should you not be able to pay in full upon booking.

The payment plan is structured as follows:

 •        Deposit pay only : $500 at time of booking TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT

•        $1,500 prior to weekend one 

Course Location:

 1155 West Pender Street, Vancouver (City Center) 


To register call 604 202 7938