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Hypnotherapy Certification" Hypnotherapy Courses " in Vancouver BC (Canada)

Additional Information


The Professional Hypnosis Certification Course offered by International Healing Clinic is packed with the very methods practiced by Mental Health Practitioners and Hypnotherapists and delivered in a supportive and immersive way.

You learn and experience hypnosis, trance and therapeutic hypnotic techniques that allow you to work with your own clients, the day you graduate.

This course is taught by an NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor and Master Hypnotist.
​He teaches you step-by-step in the actual techniques he uses in his own, successful practice. Fully Accredited Hypnotherapy Courses in Vancouver,Hypnotherapy Courses in Vancouver,Hypnotherapy Training,hypnosis,

This Professional Hypnosis Certification Course meets all of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) exam requirements and includes the NGH exam, certification and your first year membership.

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

Become NGH Certified

Course Benefits


  • NGH Faculty Instructor  
  • Fastest Official NGH Course available in Canada in a fun, relaxed learning environment 

  Included in your Hypnosis Training Course


OFFICIAL NGH Certification

Legal Certification
Tuition is tax deductible (official Canadian tax receipt issued)
All the Hypnosis Certification Material
All the Course Required Training Hours
Hypnosis Certification Exam
FULL YEAR NGH membership

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC


Additional Information


You will be certified to setup your business as a hypnotist and provide 
hypnosis services that include:

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight control
  • Stress management
  • Self esteem
  • Personal Development and goal setting (Coaching!)
  • Self-Hypnosis Instructor
  • Guided Imagery

                                       and more...

You will learn custom and personalized client assessment and script writing for client presented issues!
Included in our course, you will learn to teach classes for: smoking cessation, weight loss, relaxation, etc.

This course includes also all the credentials to be a CERTIFIED SELF-HYPNOSIS INSTRUCTOR upon graduation.

 Maximum Class Size 

 My classes are much more like a workshop.
I  provides private one on one instruction classes customized to suit your needs, In a peaceful, relaxed, environment setting where learning is easy and fun. 

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

Who Is This Course For?

Hypnotherapy certification in Vancouver BC

NGH Hypnosis Course

Those who want career advancement (part or full-time), and who would like to work with people in a private professional practice of their own.
Individuals in the helping profession that would like to add the ability to use hypnosis as one of their therapeutic tools or interventions.
Everyone interested in learning Hypnosis and Self-Hypnosis for self improvement.
Programs which can be applied to private or corporate clients. Hypnotherapy Courses,Hypnotherapy Certification,Private School.

Total Course Cost

Cost:  2,000.00 all inclusive. 
Payment Plans available, please contact me to discuss payment arrangements.  $500 deposit required to reserve your spot.

What your payment includes:  All books and course materials, Certificate of Graduation, First Year Membership to the National Guild of Hypnotists. 

Contact, Lazzaro to register for this course calling at 604 202 7938

Entry Requirements

At the International Healing Clinic, we  like our candidates  based on  respect and integrity on what you are going to learn: Hypnosis.

We strongly believe that each student is unique and special,  and that  each person has the ability to learn at any age. What we ask from you, is that you have the passion to learn and we take care of the rest. We guarantee  that you will pass the exam, because  we teach in a manner that insures that you understand each lesson 100%. 

​We also strongly believe that learning should be educational and fun, not boring.  


How to pay for your enrollment

Full payment is structured as follows: $2000.00, * at time of booking

PAYMENTS ARE TAKEN BY : Visa, Master Card , American Express, Discover, PLEASE CONTACT US AT:  604 202 7938


Please note that if you decide to cease your studies at any stage of the course before completion, the full course fee (if outstanding) will remain due, although consideration will be given for exceptional circumstances. 

Payment Plan Are Available.

A payment-plan is available should you not be able to pay in full upon booking.

The payment plan is structured as follows:

Deposit; Pay only $500,00 at time of booking online to reserve your seat! 

 $1,500  prior to weekend before the course starts.

​Please contact Lazzaro to arrange a personal and affordable  payment plan for your course